Fresh local ingredients make Pristine Gourmet the choice of world top chefs.

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“As a Canadian Chef I am very proud of the Pristine Gourmet team and the local sustainable products they have brought to the market place. I applaud their success and love their flavours’!”
Chef Micheal Smith, Chef Abroad


“Just like Canadian wines made from native grapes as opposed to European sources, the locally produced Pristine Gourmet Oils have a forward quality, which make them very foxy.”
Chef Jamie Kennedy


“Pristine Gourmet is an extraordinary, dark golden, cold pressed Canola Oil that tastes like sweet roasted hazelnuts.”
Toronto Life


“The colour and earthy flavour of the Pristine Gourmet Oils are the key to their appeal – I feel like I’m in the field when I taste them.”
Chef Steven Treadwell, Treadwell Cuisine Restaurant


“Jason Persall is way more than your average farmer and he takes the extra steps to ensure the health of his soil and crops will mean better, more nutritious and tastier products at the end of the process. Using local ingredients is important to me for damn good reasoning and using Pristine Gourmet products makes that easy. Proud to use them in my restaurant and confident to feed them to my family!”
Brad Long, Executive Chef


“The quality of Pristine Gourmet Oils is exceptional. I love the rich, yellow colour, an the taste reminds me of toasted sunflower seeds.”
Chefs Micheal & Anna Olsen


“Your oils are the ‘Bomb Baby’! Pristine and rich with flavour. As the King of the Q, I use your oils in my recipes for marinades, sauces and especially as a grilling and basting oil to keep foods succulent while they grill.”
Ted Reader