From Our Kitchen

The Pristine Angels™ are our Chefs in the field, our chef ambassadors spreading the word of Pristine Gourmet at festivals and events throughout Ontario.

Pristine Gourmet Angels

From left: Chef Amanda Ford, Chef Rossy Earle and Chef Joshna Maharaj

Jason Persall always wanted to be on TV (and one day we are sure he will make that dream a reality), and here we see him emulating Charlie, from the 70’s hit TV show Charlie’s Angels. To that end, we have assembled 3 extremely talented chefs and fitted them for the job with all the tools they will need to teach you all about what to do with Pristine Gourmet products.

Each has their own background, and culinary talents, and we hope you will look for them and the Good Food Starts Here™ street team at an event near you soon.

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