Rebranding: Looking From the Outside In



Sometimes we are just too close to something to resonate that there is a problem. Maybe there is one, maybe not, but how are we to know? Sometimes, we rely on others to point this out, and we should always be receptive to feedback, both in life and business.

Our good friend Peter Neal, of Neal Brothers foods, kindly suggested to us at a meeting a number of months ago that our Virgin Oil branding could be refreshed, as we were poised for a mass expansion into the retail market in Canada. Point noted, as Petey is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. He is also a friend.

So, we enlisted our talented marketing team to enact change, and make us better and stronger. Enter Dana Harrison of, along side our trusty Marketing Squirrel, Joel Solish. Check out their results, what do you think?