Pristine Gourmet Hummus

Pristine Gourmet Hummus

Created by Joel Solish


1¼ cups of Pristine Gourmet dried chickpeas

1 tsp baking soda

6½ cups of water

1 cup tahini paste*

4 tbs fresh lemon juice

3-4 cloves garlic

6 tbs ice water


Pristine Gourmet Virgin Canola Oil (Optional)



Soak chickpeas in water, overnight

Drain and place in a saucepan on medium heat, adding the baking soda

Cook, stirring constantly, for 5 minutes

Add the water and bring to a boil, skimming constantly through the cooking process, and discarding any skins that float to the top

Cook the chickpeas for 20-40 minutes, until they are very tender and break apart easily when you press them between your fingers, but don’t let them get mushy

Drain the chickpeas and place them in your food processor, processing until you get a stiff paste

While still processing add tahini, lemon juice, garlic and salt until blended through

Add the ice water slowly and blend for 5 minutes, until smooth and creamy

Transfer to a bowl, cover the surface of the hummus with plastic wrap and allow to set for 30 minutes before serving

If you are not serving right away take the hummus out of the fridge 30 minutes prior to serving

Drizzle some of your favourite Pristine Gourmet oil on top and enjoy with some grilled pita 


*Tahini can be easily made from scratch at home, here is my recipe


3 cups white sesame seeds

¾ cup Pristine Gourmet Virgin Soy Oil (you can use any of the oils here, but I find the soy to be the most neutral in flavour)

1 tsp salt



Toast the sesame seeds in a pan on medium high heat, watch that they don’t burn

Allow to cool

Add to a food processor and blend with the oil and salt until smooth

Store in an airtight container

Yields 2 cups

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