Our Farm Today

The Pristine Way FamilyJason Persall, son of Clarence and Marie was born in 1970. Growing up on the family farm, things were always different from one day to the next. Jason learned from an early age the value of hard work and the amount that went into the food we eat. Having a love for the lifestyle and completing college in 1992, Jason would come home to work full time on the farm. In 1993 Jason married Linda Sommerfeld and the two bought and moved into the farm house.

Persall Fine Foods Co.

During the mid to late 90’s, as Jason was realizing his love for business and his desire to add value to the farm operation, he and his wife Linda bought another farm and built a grain drying and storage facility. Searching for business ideas the two could embark upon, Jason read an article about cold pressed oils small companies in Europe were producing. This intrigued Jason to dig deeper into the idea of turning the soybeans his 1000+ acre farm was producing into an oil product for cooking.

Taking the thought further, in 2000, after purchasing a small table top press, Jason started producing some cold pressed soybean oil for testing. After spending a few months with Linda cooking and using it they gave samples out to a few chosen testers (family had no choice). The response was so positive they spread it further to others (to avoid biased opinions) and received still more positive feedback.

Knowing that going to the market place with this one oil would prove to be difficult, they sought another oil to accompany it. After much thought Jason would start testing canola oil, seeing as canola is one of the healthiest oils and is readily available in Ontario. This oil was well received too, which confirmed to Jason and Linda what decision had to be made. Deciding to move forward with this initiative, they formed Persall Fine Foods Co.

Building and designing a production facility that met high quality standards and implementing the equipment was the first order of business. Because Persall Farms was already growing high quality certified non-GMO soybeans, it was agreed that this would be the bean of choice. Making this guarantee meant sourcing quality non-GMO canola as well, and, as it is best grown in cooler climates, they sought out quality growers north of them.

Pristine Gourmet Today…

Persall Fine Foods Co. now operates a modern, state of the art cold processing facility dedicated to quality assurance from field to table. For the past three years Persall Fine Foods has been providing top restaurants and chefs with these extra virgin, golden coloured oils. Pristine Gourmet has also won the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation, been selected by Toronto Life as one of the 100 Must-Try-Before-You-Die Tastes of Toronto, and appeared in several media outlets.

In the fall of 2007 Persall Fine Foods launched its retail brand ‘Pristine Gourmet’. Pristine Gourmet allows you to take home this premium quality, award winning, extra virgin oil and see why so many top chefs rave about it.  Pristine Gourmet will continue to introduce innovative, gourmet products that meet our exceptionally high quality standards and that will always be 100% pure Canadian, from field to table.