Our Love Affair with Chef Bangerter



Chef Jason Bangerter is, by all accounts, one of the top chefs in Canada. He is also a good friend and supporter of us here at Pristine Gourmet, and has been from our early days. Many a time we have enjoyed Jason’s food at the various top restaurants where he has led the kitchens, and at the events where he is supporting one cause or another. A true modern day gentleman and bon vivant.


Chef Bangerter is currently helming the stoves at the Five Diamond Restaurant at the internationally acclaimed Relais and Chateaux property Langdon Hall. Jason just recently won Relais & Chateaux, Rising Chef Trophy for 2015. This is quite the accomplishment!


Recently at The Restaurant Show Jason did a demo, talking about the food at Langdon Hall. He spoke about the philosophy of the cuisine and the importance of local relationships and collaborations with farmers and artisans. He even sampled our virgin cold pressed canola oil to the crowd, and it was a big hit. The picture below is the terroir plate he developed last year, and at the show he spoke about our farm and oils. The hands are a farmers hands (artists, limited edition plate), and they make an edible soil using nuts and dehydrated onions. The dish is garnished with over 25 wild foraged and garden delights from the property at Langdon Hall. We can’t think of a more beautiful and thoughtful plate! Definitely visit Langon Hall if you have the chance. Thanks chef, for your continued support.


Read more about Chef Bangerter here: http://www.langdonhall.ca/Chef-Jason-Bangerter and follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/chefbangerter