Harvest Report 2014



My late father use to say “ if farming was easy and always profitable, everyone would be doing it”, which for 2014 has proven that farming in Southern Ontario was anything but an easy, stress less journey. Farming is always governed by Mother Nature, and when she throws a curveball at us (such as that in 2014) it sends waves of unpredictable issues throughout all crops. We experienced a late, cold and wet spring that was followed by an abnormal wet and cool summer which then was followed by a wet fall and now with still many grain crops yet in the field a blast of old man winter. For many of us we like to blame something rather it is global warming, global cooling but true fully things are changing with our weather. We will adapt, even considering the weather struggles of 2014 we managed to see average crops.


Our edamame this year was a bit behind in terms of quantity but made up for it with quality as it is some of the best tasting to date. Sunflowers this year yielded well and is looking like it will take over the helm from our virgin canola as our leader in virgin oils.

We are excited about our advances with virgin oils in food service here in Canada and now in the US BUT most of all we are totally stoked about our new brand release. While nothing has changed to our name or the intense craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of virgin oil, we think the NEW and IMPROVED look will elevate us from the ‘cool’ to the ‘super cool’. And, you have to admit, the hashtag #purevirgin is pretty brilliant. Even for a farmer 😉 Thanks to Joel Solish and Dana Harrison for a great team effort! You guys Rocked it!