We offer a wide-range of products for the foodservice industry

Pristine Gourmet is 100%Pure Canadian From Field to Table. We understand that local food is as important to you as it is to us; for our families, our community and the environment. We also recognize that quality and consistency are important, and strive to produce the best in great artisanal local food. We live in a food rich nation, let us never lose sight of how blessed we are.

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All our products are non-GMO, local or Canadian and grown with care and understanding of our farms contribution to our local bio-diversity.

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Virgin cold pressed oils

Crafting a great virgin oil starts with selecting the highest quality ingredients. We use only the best seeds from our sunflowers, canola, and soybeans that are gently cared for from seed to harvest. We then release the virgin oils from the seeds through cold pressing to preserve the original flavors, colors, and aromas as they are inside the seed.

virgin canola oil
virgin soybean oil
virgin sunflower oil

Packaging: 4L plastic and 1L plastic

Wine Vinegars

Made with naturally aging wine sourced from the famous Niagara region; care and meticulous monitoring are the key to this success. Whether you are looking for a varietal white or red, or one of our Infused Wine Vinegars, Pristine Gourmet produces the best there is.

Varietal Wine Vinegars

merlot wine vinegar
cab franc wine vinegar
riesling wine vinegar
chardonnay wine vinegar
empire apple cider vinegar

Packaging: 1L plastic, 5L bnb & 20L bnb

Infused Wine Vinegars

vidal maple wine vinegar
baco noir blueberry
baco noir raspberry

Packaging: 1L plastic, 5L bnb & 20L bnb


Grown in southwestern Ontario, Pristine Gourmet supplies the industry with a wide range of different varieties of dry edible beans and legumes.

cranberry kidney beans
white kidney beans
dark red kidney beans
white navy bean
black turtle bean

Packaging: 5 lb. re-sealable bag


Our pulses are grown in Saskatchewan and meet all of our QA and production control requirements that we adhere to on our own farm.

green splt peas
yellow split peas
lentils green or brown
chick peas (8mm)

Packaging: 5 lb. re-sealable bag


Our edamame is frozen and available all year. It is picked fresh in August then flash frozen to seal in the fresh crisp flavours of our edamame.

Available shelled or in pod.

Packaging: 5 lb. re-sealable bag

Cooking Wine

Sourced from the Niagara wine region.

2004 VQA cab-merlot shiraz (1.5% sodium)
2006 VQA sauvignon blanc (1.5% sodium)

Packaging: 5L bnb and 20L bnb


Sparkling Apple Cider

Carbonated and non-alcoholic from our famous Norfolk County apple orchards.


Packaging: 750ml glass